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A site survey is instrumental in planning and designing a garden as it provides crucial information that guides the decision making process when designing and building your new garden. We can carry out a site survey on your property and this can then be used to create a new and detailed design for your garden taking into account all of the existing features you would like to retain and those you would like to change as well as the best locations for your new pants and tree.

Some key benefits of having a garden survey done are as follows: 


Understanding the Landscape:

A site survey helps you and a garden designer understand the topography, soil quality, and drainage patterns of your garden. This knowledge allows you to determine the best locations for different garden elements like flower beds, pathways and seating areas.


Assessing Sunlight Exposure:

By noting the sunlight exposure throughout the day, you can identify areas that receive full sun, partial shade, or full shade. This information helps you choose the right plants that thrive in specific light conditions and enables you to design garden areas accordingly.


Identifying Microclimates:

A site survey helps identify microclimates within your garden. These are areas with unique temperature, moisture, and wind patterns. Understanding microclimates allows you to select plants that are well-suited to each area and create diverse garden zones.


Considering Existing Structures:

By documenting existing structures like trees, fences, walls, or buildings, a site survey helps you incorporate them into your garden design. It allows you to plan around these structures and integrate them harmoniously into the overall garden layout.


Addressing Challenges and Opportunities:

A site survey helps you identify any potential obstacles or challenges, such as poor drainage, uneven terrain, or limited space. By being aware of these factors, you can develop strategies to overcome them and maximise the potential of your garden.


Efficient Resource Allocation:

With a site survey, you can accurately measure the dimensions of your garden and determine the required quantities of materials like plants, soil, and mulch. This helps in efficient resource allocation and prevents wastage.


A site survey provides valuable insights into the unique characteristics of your garden, enabling you to create a well planned and functional outdoor space that meets your aesthetic and practical needs.

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