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My job as a Garden Designer is to help you bring the garden of your dreams to life and because every garden and client is different the more closely we are able to work together the better the end result will be. I will tailor make a suitable solution to your specific garden needs, be it a complete makeover and design or perhaps you just need a few of those flowerbeds to be dealt with, re-designed or simply replanted. Although each garden project is different there is a process to follow which will take you from our initial meeting through the concept and planning stages and finally to the implementation and planting phase, eventually leaving you with a beautiful garden.

First Meeting:

I will arrange to meet at a convenient time and place for a preliminary chat where we can get to know each other. We will discuss your project and brief to me, that is your ideas and thoughts for your garden giving me a feel for the type of design / garden you would like. This will be the time for me to take the first look at the site and photograph it, from which I can begin formulating my proposal and preliminary design.



After our initial meeting I will put everything in writing detailing my approach to delivering the design, the stages and services involved, and a breakdown of my fees. Once agreed we will then move through the stages below. As every project is unique, outlined below are a number of services and stages that may be applicable to your project and will be discussed in further detail as we move through the process.


Site Survey and Analysis:

A survey of the site, including dimensions and positions of existing structures and key plants will be done. A soil analysis may be taken which may influence the choice of plants. Most importantly this is my opportunity to become familiar with the space and factors such as aspect, light, wind exposure, drainage and the surrounding environment.


Master Plan:

With all the facts established the exciting design phase can begin. An overall Master Plan with visuals will be developed, particular to your brief, detailing proposed areas of planting, structures and hard landscaping. Together we will review this plan and fine tune any changes or additions which you may want to make. Once the Master Plan is agreed on we will move into the final detailed planning of the garden.


Planting Plan & Design:

A detailed planting design can be drawn up if required, showing the plants chosen, how many and where the plants will be placed in the garden. Plants for your type of garden and spaces will be selected with the aim of providing year round interest as far as possible. A pictorial and named plant list of recommended plants for your garden can be provided. All plants will be sourced from reputable nurseries in the UK.


This is the first step to making the project come alive, the implementation of the solid objects, paving, water features, fencing or whatever non-organic elements you have chosen for your garden. This is also the stage at which an irrigation system and lighting can be installed. Suitable construction options and avenues will be discussed at this point. 



This may include soil improvement as needed by adding organic manures or other soil improvers which will give all the new plants the best conditions for stabilising and optimum growth. All plants will be delivered directly to site where they will be placed and planted.



Your beautiful garden has now been created and it is important to recognise the value of a good maintenance program. We can help with the right professional to look after the maintenance of your new garden and help with your understanding of how to keep everything looking its best throughout the year. 


Mission complete, settle down to your garden. A beautiful, rewarding, peaceful and enjoyable extension to your space at home, in the work place, around your recreational zone or wherever that may be.

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