Garden Advice

Garden maintenance advice is important because once you have had your garden redesigned it needs to be maintained to keep looking good and to allow the plants to grow into the spaces they were designed to occupy. I offer a tailor made seasonal maintenance plan for you to impliment yourself.

Planting and border layout for a small garden in Isleworth, England
Garden Advice


I can provide advice about your gardening needs and requirements. This can include advice about how to deal with garden pests such as Aphids, Powdery Mildew or Slugs and Snails, and advice on plant choice and position within the chosen flowerbeds.

I can also advise you on the best ways to enhance and condition the soil you have in your flowerbeds and pots or simply help you with any gardening issues or questions you may have about your garden in general. Fees for this service will be discussed prior to the appointment.

Soft Landscaping, planting
Planting Services


I can offer you a personalised planting service where I will come and plant new plants in your flowerbeds or pots.


I will handpick the plants for your garden from one of the many highly reputable nurseries that I work with so you can be sure that you will be getting the best quality plants.


If you already know of a particular plant you would like to have in your garden or pots, I will gladly source them for you. 

Family garden in Kew, London
Other Services


Some of the other services I offer are:

Planting services and sourcing of plants, turfing or seeding of lawns and general garden advice.


General Garden Clearances could include completely stripping your garden back to its bare frame in preparation for a new design to be implemented, removing old turf, redefining the edge of an existing flowerbed, or clearing out all or the old growth in preparation for the spring.